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Modern CRM, Intranet, Extranet, Social Network,
Robotic Process Automation,
and more possibilities with chatbot.

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Designed for people communicating in any organizations.

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Built from prospective of communication specialists instead of tech-savvy administrators, even with custom chatbot on Slack, Facebook, WeChat, or LINE etc.


Peers from all teams are connected in consistent manner for different purposes, including but not limited to webcast, story sharing, and signing up for volunteer.


See boundless innovations fostered because team communications have never been so dynamic and interesting. Let us share a lot of ideas with you.


Launch a discrete platform immediately, or let us handle the seamless data and SSO integration with your technical infrastructure team.


All contents are safely delivered to the right audience at the right time, according to the right matrix defined by you.


You are ensured to have ample real-time data to tell how successful it is, graphically, or in form of spreadsheets for a specific time frame.

Unifying Enterprise Data

We tailor a way to present and generate insights from the multiple sources of data retrieved from any systems, including your in-house developed platforms.

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We don't hire operators to answer inquires.

You can only reach our real consultants straightway to support your unified workplace.

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